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Wedding tents for sale in UAE

Our wedding tents are ideal for celebrating such an event. Wedding tent for sale can be used outdoors, surrounded by nature. Large tents will provide guests with a comfortable environment for your wedding.

We offer several options for wedding canopy, which are suitable for both small wedding events for 15-20 people, and large celebrations for hundreds of guests.

Modern wedding party tent in Dubai

  • Large wedding tents in the UAE allow you to organize various work areas: a banquet hall, a dance floor, a photo zone, a wardrobe.
  • A white wedding tent can be decorated in any style and in many ways.
  • Decorating tents with white fabric looks most impressive.
  • To decorate the hall, you can choose fresh flowers.
  • We offer a variety of wedding lighting options.

Luxury wedding tents for outdoor celebration

Wedding tents in Abu Dhabi are resistant to any weather conditions, which is important for the UAE, even during a desert storm, it will be comfortable inside the tent. Thanks to air conditioning systems, the tent can become year-round.

Wedding in a tent: advantages over cafés and restaurants:

  • park lawn, glades, sea sand, yacht deck and special pontoon can be installed on any level surface
  • aesthetic and attractive appearance
  • reasonable prices
  • area can be additionally expanded

Your holiday will be perfect and will definitely be remembered not only by you, but by the guests as well! Tents and awning structures can be the perfect solution for creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere at wedding events. Three popular tent options for weddings are the arched tent, the wooden tent, and the dome tent.

Regardless of the option chosen, tents and awning structures can be tailored to the individual needs and style of your wedding in Dubai to create an unforgettable and romantic atmosphere for you and your guests.

Together with Wedding Tents by LUXTENT, you will have beautiful pictures of your wedding. We offer you to make sure of this by admiring the photos of our happy newlyweds.

Photo gallery of Marriage tents

Popular Wedding Tent Models


Elevate the ambiance of your wedding with an exquisite wedding tent. The arched tent is a perfect choice, as it creates a romantic and beautiful atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With its smooth and elegant arched shape, it exudes grace and sophistication, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

To enhance the romantic ambiance, the wedding tent can be adorned with stunning flower arrangements and strategically placed LED lights, casting a soft and enchanting glow. This combination creates a captivating and mysterious atmosphere, adding an extra touch of magic to your special day.


Discover the perfect wedding tents for sale in Dubai to create a cozy and intimate setting for your special day. Our selection of wooden tents offers a charming option for wedding events. With their wooden frames and versatile awning covers, these tents can be beautifully decorated with fabric draperies, flowers, and other decorative elements.

The warm and inviting ambiance created by a wooden tent is perfect for establishing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring that your wedding celebration is truly memorable for both you and your guests.

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