LUXTENT is a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury awning structures catering to infrastructure and business needs across the UAE and the Middle East. As one of the best tent manufacturers in Dubai, we take pride in offering a diverse range of marquees and awning structures to suit various requirements.

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Our portfolio includes hundreds of events and celebrations, for which we have provided awning structures in Dubai and other cities of the UAE. You are welcome to look through our portfolio and select the awning structure that will be perfect, safe and reliable for your event or business.

Our many years’ experience in cooperation with various representatives of the restaurant business allows us to find solutions suitable for the most unusual and exclusive orders. Therefore, we will find the best option for you or design an individual marquee according to your requirements.

Our awning structures are multifunctional and are designed to integrate the landscape, to fit well into any architectural forms and to fulfill important functions as well.

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We do our best to create not only functional awning structures, but also comfortable ones. Therefore, we offer unique solutions for your comfort and convenience during sports activities.

Our awning structures are not only durable and multifunctional, but also they are of a high quality design. Therefore, they will easily become not just a functional room, but they will integrate into the site as a beautiful architectural solution as well.

We are attentive to the wishes and peculiarities of our customers’ orders, therefore we are pleased to solve even complex issues by providing any industrial enterprises with the required and functional awning structures.

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The production and sale of tent structures is a sought-after and promising business. In connection with the development of construction, trade, cultural and sports events, the demand for high-quality and reliable tent structures and tents is growing. One of the important tasks for LUXTENT when creating awning structures and large tents is to ensure high quality products and timely fulfillment of orders. Prefabricated awning structures have a very wide range of applications and are perfect for any purpose. Such structures have a lot of advantages: they are light, easy to install and multifunctional. Moreover, a marquee is much easier to coordinate, even if you plan to locate it within the city and use it as a permanent structure.

Awning structures and tents supplier in Dubai

The main field of LUXTENT activity is manufacturing and sale of awning structures, which are capable to solve any issues. Prefabricated marquees and awnings are made of durable fabric and are able to sustain loads, withstand wind, rain, direct sunlight. Thereby, our marquees can be used at any time of the year and in all weather conditions.

You can buy a marquee in Dubai with no middlemen – our own production allows the company to offer its customers the best price terms, which makes it even a better investment to purchase a marquee. Our specialists will also perform installation and assembly of awning structures.

If you decide to buy an awning structure in Dubai, you are welcome to contact LUXTENT specialists – the best tent supplier in the UAE. Be sure, we will find perfect solution for you.

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