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Awnings for swimming pools

Having an outdoor pool in the private sector is a delightful luxury, especially during scorching hot summer days. It serves as a perfect retreat, providing relaxation and enjoyment for family and friends.

However, like any valuable infrastructure, a swimming pool requires careful maintenance and attention to ensure it remains a pristine and inviting space. It’s not just about maintaining and cleaning the water; creating a well-designed and functional environment around the pool is equally essential to fully optimize the pool area and elevate it to a status symbol of luxury and comfort.

Transforming the pool with a stylish roof tent

When it comes to enhancing the pool experience, LUXTENT tents and awnings serve as the perfect solution for both private customers and commercial establishments such as hotels and holiday resorts.

The arched awnings from LUXTENT are ingeniously designed to cover pools of all sizes, offering not just a protective shield against debris but also creating a comfortable relaxation area around the pool, shielding swimmers from the sun’s scorching rays and gusty winds.

Pool awnings in Dubai are expertly crafted using premium materials such as aluminum or glued wood, and they are further enhanced with awning fabric available in a wide array of colors and transparency levels. This versatility allows pool owners to select the perfect canopy to complement their outdoor space, providing a seamless integration with the existing aesthetics.

The canopy’s design can be tailored to suit various preferences, offering options in rectangular, ellipsoidal, or even spherical structures, thereby catering to diverse architectural styles and personal tastes.

Experience the epitome of poolside luxury and relaxation with LUXTENT’s roof tents for swimming pools. Embrace the beauty of a thoughtfully designed and fully-functional outdoor oasis, where you can unwind and enjoy refreshing moments of leisure and leisurely splashes in the pool, all while savoring the comfort and elegance provided by these stylish pool awnings. Whether for private use or for commercial establishments, these roof tents elevate the pool experience, making it a truly exceptional and enviable retreat.

The LUXTENT awning blind offers many different models that can be used for roofing over the swimming pool. You can find applications for awnings in our photo gallery.

Photo gallery of tents for pool

Popular models of pool awnings


ArcoTenso, offered by LUXTENT, is a versatile and multifunctional awning structure that provides various possibilities for its usage. One of its notable applications is the creation of an arch roof over a swimming pool, adding both practicality and aesthetics to the pool area.

By installing ArcoTenso over a swimming pool, homeowners can enjoy several benefits. It offers protection from external elements such as rain, UV rays, and excessive sunlight, allowing for year-round pool usage and ensuring a comfortable swimming experience. The awning structure effectively shields the pool area, creating a pleasant and shaded environment for swimmers and loungers.


LUXTENT’s Membrane model offers a highly customizable solution for creating awnings in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This versatile model allows homeowners to tailor the awnings to their specific preferences and requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for any outdoor space.

When it comes to home garden architecture, the Membrane model finds popular use as pool roofs. By utilizing this model, homeowners can create stylish and functional coverings for their swimming pools. The flexible and durable membrane material used in these awnings provides excellent protection against the elements while allowing natural light to filter through.

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