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Tent for outdoor graduation party

Graduation party in tent structures is an ideal opportunity to end a difficult period after a successful graduation. Graduation outdoors in Dubai will give you incredible emotions, beautiful live photos and unforgettable atmosphere!

Our graduation tents are ready to receive up to 1500 guests at the same time in buffet style and are ideal for large-scale proms.

Benefits of hosting graduation party in a tent

The outdoor prom tent offers a unique and unrepeatable experience that makes it a better choice than a restaurant. Here are a few reasons why an outdoor tent is worth considering for your graduation party:

  • Accommodating a large group: Tents provide the space needed to accommodate numerous graduates, guests, teachers, and parents, making it suitable for a big company.
  • Versatile party formats: Tents offer the flexibility to host various formats of prom parties, whether it’s an award ceremony, banquet, buffet, or disco. Simply choose the appropriate tent model to suit your desired format.
  • Provision of services: The design of graduation tents allows for the organization of catering areas or the installation of a kitchen, providing convenient services for food and beverage arrangements.
  • Comfortable conditions: Tents offer comfortable conditions for proms, as the dome-shaped structure provides protection from wind or rain. Additionally, with the availability of air conditioning and heating systems, temperature fluctuations can be easily managed.
  • Special dance areas: Hosting a prom in a natural setting allows for creative freedom and flexibility. You can arrange for a DJ and organize a disco, or even incorporate a fire show and interactive contests. The freedom to celebrate and customize the evening according to your wishes is a great advantage of hosting a prom in a tent.

Graduation in a tent in nature is a creative and original decision to celebrate the end of the university. Graduation party in nature will become a symbol of freedom and new opportunities. Fresh air, beautiful views, extensive venues for a solemn banquet and dancing, the possibility of organizing an excellent photo zone will help your graduation become one of the brightest events in your life.

Using a LUXTENT tents for organization of a graduation ceremony will allow you to get beautiful photos that will be remembered for a lifetime. We invite you to verify this by admiring the photographs of our happy graduates.

Photo gallery of graduation party in tents

Popular models of prom tents


Arched tents offer an ideal solution for hosting memorable outdoor graduation ceremonies. Their distinctive design feature provides remarkable versatility, allowing the tents to be easily scaled and customized based on the number of guests, the desired party format, and the planned recreational areas.

With arched tents, you have the flexibility to create a comfortable and spacious environment for your graduation celebration. Whether you have a small intimate gathering or a large number of guests, these tents can be adjusted to accommodate the specific needs of your event. You can choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to ensure ample space for seating, dining, and entertainment.


Make your graduation party a unique and eco-friendly experience with the EcoChalet graduation event tent. This specially designed tent, constructed with a wooden frame, features beams that create a captivating dome-shaped structure. With a total area of up to 100 m2, the individual tent offers ample space to accommodate your celebration. Moreover, the modular nature of the EcoChalet allows for seamless scalability, allowing multiple tents to be connected to create a larger event space.

ArcoTenso Grand

Looking to host an unforgettable outdoor graduation ceremony? The Grand model from LUXTENT is the perfect choice. As a basic model of our awning tents, ArcoTenso Grand is designed to accommodate various public events. Whether you prefer to use it as a standalone tent or as part of a larger interconnected structure, this versatile model offers a maximum area of up to 1500 m2, providing ample space to create an extraordinary graduation experience.

Tent for outdoor graduation ceremony

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