Model range of prefabricated tents

LUXTENT offers to purchase frame and awning marquees and frame structures in Dubai. Our catalog contains a wide choice of frame and awning models of marquees suitable for different tasks. We manufacture frame marquees from high-tech and modern materials and offer our customers not only functional, but also beautiful architectural solutions.

Steel frame tent manufacturer in Dubai

Advantages of LUXTENT tents

Galvanized steel framework

Non-combustible architectural tent

Over 10 years of experience

No intermediate supports

Resistant to weather conditions

Durable architectural tent fabric


Functional prefabricated frame and awning structure made of galvanized steel without intermediate supports, it is made according to Italian technologies. Its size varies from 25 m2 to infinity, as it is possible to connect modules. High quality architectural awning fabric withstands all weather conditions, which makes the structure multipurpose, suitable for any event, regardless of the season.


Reliable design frame structure for eco-lovers. The frame of glued timber and special metal connectors withstands any weather conditions. According to the customer’s choice, the dome can be transparent, or it can be made of a special architectural fabric of the color required. This design is an elegant solution for cafés, terraces, country houses, and events.


Membrane mobile awning structures are designed individually for those cases where non-standard solutions are required. They are made without intermediate supports, are fixed with anchors and are notable for an exclusive open shape of the dome and can accommodate 100 people and more, depending on the model and size of the structure. They are ideal for recreation areas during summer heat and parties at any time of the year, sports fields and catering areas.


Functional and eco-friendly frame structure with a minimalist design. Made according to Italian technologies, it can be glazed or covered with architectural fabric of any shade. It is mainly used for private buildings as awnings, terrace roofs, annexes to houses, as well as for restaurant business, to create exclusive terraces.

Popular prefabricated structures