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Modern country summer house

Modern summer houses, created on the basis of modular structures with a wooden frame and awning covering, are becoming increasingly popular among those who value comfort, environmental friendliness and stylish design. These houses are the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality, providing a high quality of outdoor living without complex construction processes and significant costs.

Advantages of wooden modular designs

  • Quick assembly: One of the main advantages of modular structures is their ease and speed of installation. All elements of the house are pre-fabricated in production.
  • Environmental friendliness: The wooden frame of modular houses is made from natural materials, which makes them environmentally friendly. The laminated veneer lumber used in the frame is specially treated to increase its strength and durability, reducing the need for frequent replacement and repair.

Tent covering for summer houses

The awning covering performs several important functions:

  • Protection from weather conditions: Modern awning materials are highly durable, providing reliable protection from wind and sun.
  • Resistant: Awning covers protect the interior from harmful ultraviolet rays. Materials that are resistant to UV rays retain their properties and appearance for many years.
  • Easy to care for: Awnings are easy to clean and do not require complex care. It is enough to periodically rinse with water to keep them in good condition.

Design and comfort

Modern summer houses are very popular in Dubai and the UAE. Spacious windows, open terraces and thoughtful layout provide maximum comfort and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Summer houses with a wooden frame and awning cover from the LUXTENT company are an excellent choice for those who strive for comfort, mobility and environmental friendliness.

Photo gallery of wooden modular houses

Wooden houses design projects


The interior space of the EcoChalet houses can be adapted to suit any needs, creating cozy areas for relaxation, sleeping, cooking and receiving guests.

The ability to choose materials, colors and decorative elements allows you to create a unique design that will fully correspond to the tastes and preferences of the owners.

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