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Exhibition tent supplier in Dubai

Participation in exhibitions and presentations is a popular and cost-effective way to showcase your products. With our exhibition tents for sale in Dubai, you can save significantly compared to renting separate exhibition spaces.

Large tent for exhibition

Our exhibition tents offer a key advantage: they are not limited by the layout of exhibition pavilions or the event venue. We provide a variety of designs, allowing you to choose and install a tent of any size and shape, with customized zones for presentations.

Exhibition tent for sale in Dubai

Opting for a tent exhibition in Dubai offers the opportunity to present your products in an open-air setting. We prioritize the comfort of your visitors by ensuring our exhibition tents are well-equipped and designed for their enjoyment.

Stand out with a domed exhibition tent

The main objective of any exhibition is to capture the attention of visitors. Our domed exhibition tents are designed to help you stand out from surrounding stands. Consider branding your tent by incorporating your logo, slogan, or company name, along with customizable colors to create a distinct identity.

Arched tents offer benefits not only for participants but also for organizers. These large exhibition tents allow for the creation of additional thematic zones, whether for longer exhibitions or as information centers.

Luxury tent structures for presentations

In Dubai, our tents and awning structures provide an excellent solution for outdoor exhibitions and presentations. Offering protection from weather conditions, they create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for visitors. Regardless of the chosen type of structure, our tents can be decorated and branded to align seamlessly with the event’s theme.

Enhance your exhibition experience with our versatile and customizable tents. Contact us today to explore our range of options and create an exceptional showcase for your products.

Using LUXTENT exhibition tents in Dubai are the key to a successful presentation of the company’s products. The tent will be ready to have the attention focused on your exhibition stand!

Photo gallery of exhibition tents

Popular exhibition tent models

ArcoTenso Trend

Arched tents of the Trend model are perfect for creating compact stands at exhibitions and presentations. They are easy to install and take up little space, which allows them to be used even in limited areas. The design can be branded and decorated in accordance with the theme of the exhibition, which will attract the attention of visitors and enhance the company’s image.

They can be equipped with tables, chairs, lighting and sound equipment to create a comfortable space for visitors and event participants. Medium arched tents can also be branded and decorated according to the theme of the exhibition event.

ArcoTenso Prima

ArcoTenso Prima model are perfect tent for outdoor exhibition. It accommodated exhibition spaces up to 25 m2. For comparison, the maximum size of a passenger car is 5×2 m, that is, it is quite possible to install 1-2 exhibition copies on such a site.

Exhibition canopy could be compared to stalls with one big difference. An exhibition tent is primarily a way to attract the attention of visitors and tell about your products.

ArcoTenso Grand

If it is necessary to organize a demonstration of large exhibits, for example, new models of construction or agricultural equipment, then a correspondingly larger tent structure will be required. We offer ArcoTenso Grand tents – this is a large pavilion designed for hundreds of guests.

Large arched tents can be used to create large exhibition areas and outdoor event areas. Such a pavilion can be used for long-term exhibitions or to replace a stationary exhibition hall.


To draw maximum attention to its exhibition point, LUXTENT has developed the EcoChalet timber-framed structure. The exhibition pavilion on a frame made of laminated veneer lumber will look great at any presentation.

Wooden frame tents can also be used to create exhibition pavilions and recreation areas at events. They have an attractive appearance and create a cozy atmosphere for visitors.

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